Naturfreunde Knittelfeld (Knittelfeld Friends of Nature)

Naturfreunde Knittelfeld

The Knittelfeld section of the Austrian Friends of Nature offers a wide-ranging programme of hiking and ski-touring. It also organises climbing courses and events at the Lachschacherschule climbing hall.


Mountain and climbing tours
Climbing courses
Day hikes in summer and winter
Hiking holidays
Mountainbike trips
Cycling day trips
Cycling holidays
Skiing and snowboarding lessons
Skiing holidays
Skiing day trips
Ski touring weeks
Holiday breaks
Wellness breaks
Photography group with own laboratory (participation in photo competitions and photo exhibitions)


Knittelfeld Tourism Association

Hauptplatz 15a | 8720 Knittelfeld

   Tel.: +43 (0) 3512 86464
    Fax: +43 (0) 3512 86464-6

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